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How can we help?

Why do batteries only seem to die when you're in a hurry and have some place important to be? We'll come to you and jump-start your battery to get you back on the road at no charge.


Running out of gas happens to the best of us. Give us a call, and we'll bring you a few gallons for free to help you make it to your destination.


Are you peeking through the window of your locked car, realizing your keys are sitting in the ignition? Don't worry, we can get you back in your car no problem (and at no cost).


Flat tires can be really stressful and dangerous. First, make sure your vehicle is parked in a safe spot, and then give us a call. We'll help you change your spare and if possible, patch your tire in a Ken Garff store for free.


If your car breaks down, you can have it towed to any Ken Garff dealership along the Wasatch Front at no cost to you.

*Towing and roadside assistance is available to any Ken Garff dealership 24-hours a day along the Wasatch Front from Ogden to Spanish Fork and the Park City and Tooele areas.